Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas in December

So summer has finally arrived in Sydney unfortunately the weather has not arrived with it and we are enduring the temperamental weather patterns of a european winter (minus the snow)...unfortunately i can't take any good photos in these conditions-I sound like some demanding woman of nature however i'm fussy when it comes to looking good especially as this is my first introduction of Claudia Mimi's look on the blog...

however i've picked out some one off pieces for christmas hopefully to set your pretty minds into majestical mode!

1. Camilla and Marc nuclear dress
2. Haute Hippie metallic ombre mini dress
3. Elise Overland cascade dress with front gather
4. Roberto Rodriguez scalloped dress
5. Pleasure Doing Business sweetheart dress
6. Camilla and Marc orion dress
7. Joie topekette dress with shoulder pads
8. Tibi kia eyelet shift dress

so who has their christmas tree up! mines been up for two days!! :) Xx Claudia Mimi

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  1. I'm loving number 4!