Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mimi loves Missoni

I'm already a huge fan of San Pellegrino sparkling mineral water (my family and I are slightly obsessed) when i saw the adorable new bottle where S. Pellegrino meets Missoni I was contemplating taking the bottle home with me! It's like your drinking fashionable water...

writing of fashionable who is loving the amazing new Missoni collection!? it just screams summer for us australians. The exotic and picturesque patterns and prints....the detail amazing! Here are just a few amazing pieces i spotted in their new spring 2011 collection!!

{I love how Missoni has incorporated a hippy feel into their collection especially with printed words like 'give' and 'baby'}

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend! Thankyou to my amazing 15 mean everything to me! 

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xx Claudia Mimi


  1. Wow! Great photos :)
    I follow your blog!

  2. this is awesome! love missoni xxx

  3. lovely blog dear.. following you xx

  4. cool post and blog:)


  5. Love your blog, love that water, unfortunately it's one of those things that's often ridiculously overpriced in Ireland! Delighted you liked my blog. Following!!

  6. I love this missoni collection, so summery and ethnic, I adore the prints. Thanks for sharing.
    Thanks for your sweet comment, great blog, I'm now following.