Monday, November 15, 2010

class and grundge

After a day off from school i decided i would collect images of all the shoes i just want and need! So after getting a coffee this morning i realised that i'd been wearing my christian louboutin heels i think a few too many times in one week! thats a problem for me...when i create an outfit i love, i can't seem to shake it! if only..

1. Christian Louboutin wedges
2. Alexander McQueen pump booties
3. Christian Louboutin wedged pumps(i can't decide between the green or the purple suede, i want them both!)
4. Acne boots
5. L.A.M.B fur booties
6. YSL classic peep toe stilletos
7. Rag and Bone leather boots

Oh and how could i forget about these amazing babies:

So other than that amazing ensemble of shoes! what's everyone got planned for the summer holidays?


  1. I know!! wish i could have them all!
    i just started my blog yesterday so i'm trying to get people to follow and tell their friends! please follow and i'll follow you!!
    Claudia Mimi from Fashion Lullaby xxxx

  2. loving the LAMB booties... any sort of sheep skin is fab right now! great post - LOVE your blog already!! :) xxxx

  3. i know i can't seem to shake my love for sheep skin on booties! thankyou i'm only new at it, but loving your blog!..hopefully people will be patient with me and start following me...xxxx

  4. you can never haev enough shoes..!